GGS LCD screen protector is made of 0.5mm ultra-slim optical intensified glass with anti-explosion layer. Quite different normal protector such as LCD plastic protective film, normal glass LCD screen protector or LCD plastic cover, GGS LCD screen protector features with high light transmission and clear transparency, durability,anti-scratches,anti-collision, easy attachment or removal and aesthetic cosmetics. Also much safer for use.


Feature 2 Super durability and High anti-scratches

GGS LCD screen protector is with intensified surface treatment. The surface hardness is up to 8H as per Mohs Harness Standard. The intensified hardness prevents LCD screen from scratches and wear effectively.

Please see the scratches test.

Feature 3 Anti-collision

GGS LCD screen protector is with anti-explosion film on the surface of intensified glass but almost without affecting the optical performance, which make it possible to bear about 12kg/cm²elastic pressure and minimize the damage of LCD screen due to unexpected collision.

Please see our following two tests.

Feature 4 Super-strong protection

GGS screen protector is with exclusive anti-explosion film. Even broken caused by huge force, GGS screen protector still keeps in one unity and never falls into pieces. Thus ensures the safety of LCD screen and user and eliminates all the possible danger caused by normal glass LCD screen protector.

Please see the comparative test pictures.

Feature 5 Usable and Aesthetic

GGS LCD screen protector features with improved tightness and reusability due to 3M pressure sensitive adhesive around the protector. GGS LCD screen protectors are designed completely as per structure of the popular DSLR camera. For regular digital camera, GGS LCD screen protectors are developed specially for leading digital camera with 3.0”,2.8”,2.7” and 2.5” LCD screen. No need of size cutting, No reel and bubble, Usable and aesthetic, Tight and reusable.

Special Tips

Before stick GGS LCD screen protector, please clean the camera LCD screen.

Please make sure GGS LCD screen protector placed in perfect position and level with camera LCD screen prior to tightness.

In case of any possible screen protector broken or damage, please be sure in proper force. Never try to remove the GGS LCD screen protector before it’s loose enough.

GGS LCD Screen Protector Package


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